Influencio NFTs & P2E Game

How our NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game works.

Influencio P2E Game

Influencio will have a Play-to-Earn game using GameFi mechanics for the community. By creating a game environment and game mechanics that promote a fair and equitable financial environment, all players (fans, influencers and the Influencio community) benefit from interaction within our game.

Rule No. 1

  • INFLUENCE token is used to purchase KART RACERS. (*This mechanic will help add utility usage to INFLUENCE token).
  • INFLUENCE token is used to pay for RE-MINTING of KART RACERS. (*2nd usage of INFLUENCIO token in the GAME).
  • INFLUENCE token will be used to purchase ACTS tokens. (3rd usage of INFLUENCIO token in the GAME).

ACTS Tokens Utility

ACTS token – this is the in-game token.
  1. 1.
    10 Billion Tokens.
    • 10% - For Sale.
    • 10% - Advertising / Partners.
    • 80% - Rewards *PLAY TO EARN.
  2. 2.
    The GAME is designed to grow along with the number of players. To kick-start the game a minimum of 2000 Kart Racers is sufficient.
  3. 3.
    The EARN model in the Game is via the weekly and monthly competitions, tournaments and Championships.
  4. 4.
    The Game is equipped with a LEVEL system. To EARN FREE ACTS tokens the player will need to rise in LEVEL in the Game. Rising in LEVEL in the Game requires the player to do the following to earn experience ‘STARS’. Accumulate enough ‘STARS’ and racers can choose to rise in LEVEL to EARN ACTS tokens.
    • Training.
    • Joining Competitions, Tournaments and Championships.
  5. 5.
    Every LEVEL-UP will earn the Racer ACTS tokens.
  6. 6.
    ACTS tokens are designed to be inflationary and to be distributed over a period of 10 years.

The Gameplay Concept

INFLUENCIO KOL each will have a team of 10 KART RACERS.
The KOL is the Racing Team Manager and the Kart Racers is his team. Therefore whoever owns the KOL Kart Racer is on the KOL team. Each team can be separated into – Team A and Team B. Here’s the basic math for the game.
  • 1 KOL x 10KartCars
  • 1 KOL = 10 Kart Racers
  • Team A – 5 Kart Racers
  • Team B – 5 Kart Racers
  • Total Participants: 10 000 Kart Racers (NFT)
  • Total Teams: 2 000 Teams

International Influencio Kart Racing Championship

The GAME is designed to allow KART RACERS to practice for FREE. They may join the many weekly PRIZE tournaments and monthly Regional Championships. Each time a player joins a tournament or Championship, ACTS tokens will need to be spent.

Champion Wins the Pot

ACTS tokens are needed to participate in the tournaments and Championships go into a POT. The TOP 3 WINNERS share the pot.
  • 3% goes towards the GAME POOL.
  • 0.5% will be directly BURNED (reducing the token supply).
  • 1.5% into the JACKPOT POOL – For the No. 1 WINNING TEAM in the NATIONAL

National Grand Kart Championship

Here’s where the BIG PRIZE resides – THE MEGA JACKPOT. Depending on which KOL Kart Racer, you bought you will belong to that TEAM. The INFLUENCIO KOL will be your Manager. The GRAND JACKPOT will be shared in this manner:
  • Winning Team: 1 KOL + 5 Racers
  • KOL – 10%
  • Racers – 18% each

Kart Racer Token Design

The KART RACER is designed to enhance the “UTILITY” value of the INFLUENCIO and ACTS tokens. Below is a list of use cases within the KART RACER:
  • Stake ACTS token – unlimited FREE track practice.
  • Join weekly competitions – require ACTS token.
  • Join monthly Regional Championship – require ACTS token.
  • Buy POWER UP – require ACTS token
  • Buy Racer enhancement – require ACTS token

KOL Kart Racer Design

Each INFLUENCIO KOL Kart Racer will be the same style (relatively) in design. However, each Kart Racer differentiates itself with colors and decals.
  • Numbers
  • Names
  • Logos
Using decals the INFLUENCIO KOL can obtain sponsors to put their logo on its KART RACER.
INFLUENCIO KART RACER is 100% electric-powered karts. The speed of each kart can go up to 150 KM/H providing superb speed and adrenaline to the racer.

Influencio Kart Racer NFT

  • 0.08 ETH / KAR RACER = $2.8 Million
  • 50% to INFLUENCIO KOL - $1.4 Million
  • Balance - $1.4 Million
    *NOTE: ETH priced at $3600 / ETH.

Re-minting of Kart Racer

The KOL can request to BURN all or any particular KART and re-mint the KART RACER with a new logo. This will be enabled via both the game system and the BSC blockchain (BEP20).
  • Re-minting GAS fee is required.
  • Re-minting FEE is paid via the INFLUENCIO token.
Why would a KOL want a re-minting done? There’s a new sponsor who is willing to pay to sponsor the INFLUENCIO KOL Kart Racing Team.

Unlimited Kart Racer Tracks

The Game is designed to have unlimited RACE TRACKS which can be easily redesigned and reedited. Themed Race Tracks includes:
  • SAFARI *Africa Jungle Track
  • SAHARA *Desert Track
  • METROPOLIS *City Track