Features & Benefits of Influencio

What is our project all about and how can you benefit?

Influencio's Technical Features

The Influencio is a platform where influencers and brands meet each other and process promotional deals. Our approach is to build an application that can help hundreds of millions of influencers to monetize their content easily yet securely and to provide a sustainable platform for brands to engage influencers at fair rates.
We aim to build a user-superfriendly interface with a bunch of content creation tools and rewarding options, so even a nano-influencer with only hundreds of followers can benefit from the platform.

Tracking Activities

When it comes to Influencers’ activities validation, you will definitely be stuck dealing with a million audience in manual mode. Influencio is packed with a tracking engine to ensure the right content is in the right place. Simple automation tools can help Brands easily create traceable campaigns, being on a step ahead of competitors.

Influencer Outreach Rating

The essential element of the Platform is the Influencer’s Outreach Rating which reflects the influencer’s “performance” in media space. The platform’s ML engine parses Influencer’s social networks, analyses their posting and followers' activities and assigns a rating that is updated upon future activities. It brings a competition element and more fun for influencers, motivating them to grow their networks. Outreach Rating is also used to calculate fair rewards for participating in brands’ campaigns for each particular Influencer and process the fair deals on autopilot, which is crucial for brands when they are attempting to deal with millions of microinfluencers.

Cutting-Edge Influential Activities

Entering new social spaces like metaverses might be tricky for brands. Tracking influencers activities there might be even trickier. Influencio platform allows to create and track campaigns across various digital places of presence and not to miss such kinds of trending marketing opportunities.

Smart Contracts and Social Finances

Another paradigm shift is happening in digital finance, including the marketing domain. Decentralised finances open gates for massive value transfers and enable rewarding payments to the next level, sustainable and risk-free. Each particular marketing campaign is represented by a single smart-contract, where brands are locking escrow deposits for influencers. This also opens doors to our ecosystem for a wide blockchain community and we call on developers to build their own tools upon the Influencio protocol.

The Benefits

For Brands

Easily match with the right brands and influencers

  • Different categories of influencers - gaming, beauty, fashion, crypto, etc.
  • Using our data and insights on what individuals are spending on, a match can be found using our system.
  • Businesses can start conversations about the products and services they offer online. This can encourage communication, establish a growing community for your business and differentiate yourself from competitors. Build excitement about new offerings and drive up demand.

Verify real followers/likes and engagement rates

  • Seen from the Influencio dashboard, those who purchase Hero/influencer NFTs with their INFLUENCE tokens will be reflected.
  • Acquiring real data based on how much people are spending on influencers instead of fake followers/likes.

Affordable and transparent fees

  • See how much other brands are willing to pay for sponsorship deals with different influencers using our Influencio dashboard

Marketing campaigns powered by Smart Contracts

  • Payments for campaigns are made risk-free through Smart Contracts. This makes collaboration more seamless and efficient as it removes administrative barriers.

For Influencers

Strengthen the influencer-follower relationship

  • NFTs sold can be used to allow your biggest fans to gain access to exclusive content or direct lines of communication.
  • Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience → No ads, no trolls, no algorithms. Enjoy direct access and deeper conversations with the people who matter the most when they purchase your NFTs.
  • Promote your own merchandise and branding via NFTs (purchased using INFLUENCE tokens).

Protect and get paid for your valuable content

  • Every creator’s branded content is also protected by Influencio, ensuring that it can’t be shared outside the platform. In fact, if a user tries to take a screenshot on the site, the content will show up blacked out. Users are also subject to banning if they’re caught trying to screenshot content.
  • Get paid for creating content (ACTS tokens) that are powered by Smart Contracts.
  • Develop a recurring income stream → Stop rolling the dice of ad revenue and per-stream payouts. Get recurring income through monthly payments from your patrons and fans.

Do more of what you love

  • Take back creative control → Create what you want and what your audience loves. You don’t have to conform to popular taste or the constraints of ad-based monetization models.

For Fans

Support your favorite influencers and celebrities, while earning ACTS for it

  • Likes, shares and comments along with interactions on the platform earn you ACTS tokens. These tokens can be used to be traded for INFLUENCE tokens, which are highly valued.
  • Influencer NFTs gain value over time through rewards which can be kept as rare items signifying your tie with an influencer, or resold as an influencer/celebrity gets more popular.
  • No middlemen fees as purchases of NFTs go straight to your favorite influencer, allowing them to produce more of the content you love.

Get exclusive access and connection with your favorite influencer

  • Get exclusive ties with your favorite influencers/celebrities when you purchase their limited edition NFTs.

Own your personal data

  • Social media sites gather and preserve as much user data as is legally permissible across their platforms and from other parties, which they then own. Influencio harnesses the power of blockchain technology to make collecting your data transparent, equitable and tamper-proof.