What is Influencio?

An overview of Influencio's mission, our impact on the Metaverse, SocialFi and our technical foundation.

About Influencio

Influencio is the new generation of a social network that takes the current social media systems and gives them superpowers. It is the first of its kind to amplify the effects and benefits of a social media platform where established influencers, high-growth micro-influencers and their followers can monetise, grow their following and gain from their interactions.
Boasting an intuitive UI/UX, the Influencio dashboard makes it easy for influencers and brands to effectively reach a large, receptive audience. At the same time, fans can discover new and exciting creators within their interests and leverage their growing influence. Influencio's dynamic NFTs, Play-to-Earn feature and INFLUENCE & ACTS token are the main elements in the platform that support its features.
Influencio is built by a team of influencers, for influencers. It is supported by renowned celebrities and an all-star investing group experienced in FinTech, Blockchain and Crypto.

Influencio's Mission

The heart of Influencio is all about recovering content sharing and reclaiming it from large corporations, decentralizing and redistributing the power to individuals. Influencio is a platform that uses content sharing and crypto token rewards to build communities around a brand or message. Influencio mixes classic word-of-mouth and influencer marketing principles with gamification and methods that have helped to build cryptocurrencies and their communities.

Features of Influencio

With this exciting mix of influencers, NFTs and blockchain gaming, Influencio is paving the way as one of the latest developments in the Metaverse & SocialFi. SocialFi is a fusion of a social, decentralized version of the virtual world (web3.0) and finance. The Metaverse on the other hand, is an integration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tools into blockchain technology. The different features on the platform enable The Influencio ecosystem is made up of:

Influencer Dashboard

The Influencio Dashboard gives users an overview of top influencers and celebrities, how their tokens are selling and how they are ranking. Influencers with the most number of INFLUENCE tokens will be listed higher on the ranks.
It also provides an overview of all Influencer user profiles, their relevant categories (e.g. Crypto Influencer, Beauty Influencer, Gaming Influencer, etc.), details of their NFTs and tokens. With this overview, it helps fans find more influencers in their areas of interest and brands find influencers who are relevant to their products or services.

Influencio Marketplace

Influencers can create and mint their own NFTs and sell them on the Influencio Marketplace. Influencer NFTs unlock different benefits for Fans such as exclusive content, personal communication, etc. Fans can purchase these NFTs and sell them when they gain value.

Influencio Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game

Influencio welcomes users all over the globe to participate in a decentralized Play-to-Earn (P2E) RPG using uniquely and creatively designed Influencio NFTs. Leveraging on GameFi and NFTs, users who buy NFTs will truly own their digital assets, as ownership is verifiable on the blockchain. Players can earn ACTS tokens through the game.
The details of the game will be discussed later in a separate tab “Influencio NFTs & Game”.

Influencio's Technical Foundation

Influencio utilizes Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is one of the more dominant blockchains in the DeFi scene. Despite its newness in the space, it has already experienced tremendous growth due to its speed, scalability and EVM compatible capabilities. As the Binance Smart Chain also supports the BEP-1155 token standard, it opens up the possibility of leveraging on the power of NFTs to create a self-sustaining influencer market.